2K16 Holiday Gift Guide-Part 2

Welcome back to Stagehand’s gift guide for the 2016 holiday season!

We’ll skip the formalities and get right to it. Here you go!

6). Instrument Stands

Here is a two pack of guitar/bass stands. No, they won’t help you play better, but now your axe has its own resting place, instead of being haphazardly thrown on the couch.

7). Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Professional Headphones

Audio-Technica is well known among audio lovers (and, to be fair, audio snobs) for producing high quality headphones with very accurate sound reproduction for a fair price. These ATH-M20x’s are no exception. Keep in mind that these headphones were designed for the sound and comfort, not style, like Beats. However, if you want a pair of really good headphones, whether it be for recreation, or to add to your studio set up, you can’t go wrong.

8). SpiderCapo Standard – Universal Partial Capo

Even though we’ve already mentioned capos, these are certainly the gift to keep on giving. Its application and usage is being able to change the tuning of separate strings without changing others. With almost limitless combinations and tuning abilities, this little wonder is certainly worth having.

9.) Fretboard Inlays

Even if you think you look awesome on stage or at home, these inlays are guaranteed to turn heads, and change they way you look at your old acoustic or electric. Here at Stagehand we believe that you can develop to your full potential with a snake slithering up your fretboard as your fingers fly between its scales.

10.) Snark SN5X Clip-On Tuner

Tuning can be difficult and tedious, especially when other people are trying to do the same around you, but with the Snark this becomes something of the past. Even if you can’t hear it yourself, the Snark picks up on the slightest vibration your instrument makes and gives you an accurate feed on your frequency. A must have for every guitar player out there.

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