2K16 Holiday Gift Guide-Part 4

It’s cold. It’s really windy and there’s ice everywhere. You actually need a coat now.

You know what doesn’t suck though? Christmas shopping and our gift guide. 🙂

This is the final installment of our gift guide for the 2016 holiday season! We here at Stagehand wish all of you wonderful folks a warm winter, happy holidays, and a happy new year!

16.) Musician’s Tool Kit

Strings snap, and they’re a pain to change on the best of days, but with this little kit string changing becomes quick and easy as everything you need is right in this little case. The kit also comes with fretboard wipes and a set of allen keys. You don’t need a professional to help maintain your guitar, you need your mind and this kit.

17.) Guitar Hanger

With all that other stuff around your house you might not have room on your floor for another guitar stand, so where are you going to put your new axe? This wall hanger solve all those problems while being able to display your guitar to your friends and family in a convenient location. And it looks freaking cool to have a guitar hanging off your wall.

18.) Music Stand

If you play music, you need a place to organize your sheets, why not a stand? Play while sitting or standing without having to crane your neck in an uncomfortable position for hours at a time.

19.) Pickholder

So now you have all these picks; you’re bound to lose them sometime. Guitar and bass players are cursed to constantly lose picks. This little holder can be attached to your instrument(s), and you can put your picks inside it. This will ensure you won’t lose your picks again.

20.) A membership to Stagehand
http://stagehandmusiccompany.com/signup.php Ok, yeah this is self promotion. But seriously, if you know someone who is or wants to start performing live, then check out our service if you haven’t already. You can use a basic account for free, and a premium account is only $10. You can follow this link to the signup page:

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