2K16 Holiday Gift Guide-Part 3

Here is the third part to our holiday gift guide! Cool gadgets and things to help you create your own style. 🙂

11.) Sawtooth ST-AMP-10-Kit

Let’s face it, you want to be heard when you play your instrument, but not all practice amps sound great. Well, it just so happens that this amp is just under 50 USD, and is a great way to get that crystal clear sound and still be heard. If you want a practice amp, there is no need to look further than this.

12.) Faswin Gig-Bag

It’s getting cold as we reach the end of the year, and your instrument already feels it. The cold can damage your finish, and sudden temperature changes like going outside into the cold from a warm house can even split the wood on your guitar in extreme cases. If you want to keep your guitar in the best condition possible don’t leave home unless it’s in this bag. Protect your axe from the cold and it will reward you with clear sound for years to come, thanks to this bag.

13.) Outer Space Guitar Strap

As far as straps go, it’s pretty straight forward. This strap however, allows you to radiate across the stage with the force of a black hole as you draw all the attention to your guitar held by up by the sheer force of the stars.

14.) ChromaCast Picks

We lose picks, it happens, but they never seem to turn up ever again. Never have to worry about lost picks again, with over 48 picks for under 10 USD. You can forget about all your lost pick problems and keep playing with a clear and sharp sound.

15.) Neon “Electric Strings”

You’ve seen strings before, they’re nothing special. We’ve even listed some plain strings up above. However, these strings light up your playing style no matter how dark it gets. With these stings play in the dark without missing a beat as others bask in the glow that is your neon light.

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