Meet “The Swingers Band”

With a sound that comes straight from the 90s alt-rock ethos of bands like Blur and R.E.M., the Swingers Band is a power trio that, at the very least, has found their own sound. With their new EP Intronational (released last June) on the market, the band prepares to make a real statement on how they view the world around them. There’s power ballads like “Girls Got Me Goin” opening the record with vocalist/guitarist Jake Wensel’s songwriting capabilities shining, and songs like pop-rock rager “Get Down” that put a proud foot down in defiance to the man (further amplified by the in-sync rhythm of bassist Ian Kunak and drummer Doohwan Kim). While you can see them performing all around the state of Pennsylvania now, they are going on small tour of South Korea (that’s right, South Korea) around next May.

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