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About Stagehand

The Stagehand Music Company ("Stagehand") is an online booking service open to all performers and venues in the United States. Our purpose is twofold; The first function is to make it easier for venues to organize their shows (and the acts on them) without the use of an external booking agent. Our second function is to enable musical artists to learn of new venues in their area and abroad, and then make these places accessible to communicate with.

We're a small, Pittsburgh-based company, created by a fellow musician who was looking to solve a common occurrence of spending days looking for venues to play at, only to be ripped off by greedy booking agents and plagued by logistical issues. We hope as a company that by creating a more direct and open dialogue between venues and performers (without the need for a third-party), we can not only create more successful shows across the United States, but also put a little more money in the pockets of hard-working venues and performers who inarguably deserve it for dedicating time to their respective crafts.

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Stagehand Music Company

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