Meet “Alter the Design”

Around the mid-2000’s, bands like Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown, and Chevelle were on the scene with a nü-metal, arena-rocking sound. As of late, we’ve seen a bit of a revival of that sound, and no band in Pittsburgh better exemplifies such a sound than Alter the Design. Armed with a small but dedicated fanbase, AtD is making waves with their new album Welcome to Our Nothingness. The loose cannon of lyrics pair well with the incredibly groovy blast beats of the drummer, and the riffs are powerful, nothing short of that. Our personal favorite song on the seven-track album is “Hollowed Dream”, which we think really show off the best of each member’s musicianship.

You can listen to it here:

And you can follow them on Facebook here:

UPDATE: We said our favorite off the album was “Hollowed Dream”, but put the link to “Drained”. Both are great, but here’s an awesome live take of “Hollowed Dream”, which they performed when opening for Otherwise last year:

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