Meet “Nick DiNardo”

In the life of many rock musicians, there’s inevitably a point in which they feel compelled to drop the Marshall stacks and Les Pauls (sorry Fender fans), and pick up a nice acoustic and a chair.

For New Obsidian’s frontman Nick DiNardo, that time is now.

The Chicago native, who formerly fronted local favorites like No Romeo (FNA Records) and Skull King, has chosen a softer instrumentation to accompany a voice that quite proudly carries the rasp necessary for his former band’s genre. His solo career so far
consists of four quality tunes, all of which were recorded using only his guitar and voice. It lacks a polish, but that’s just how we like it here at Stagehand, and we can tell he put a lot of time and effort into his tunes. While we bump them in the office, feel free to check Nick out on the Reverbnation link below:

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