So What’s New With Stagehand? – November 2016

A whole lot, that’s for sure.

Stagehand has definitely been through a lot of changes in the last month that we’ve been in operation, but I’m glad to say that every change has been positive so far! Here’s a not-so-quick list of all of our initial changes:

First and foremost, our blog is up!!! We’re excited to bring you the latest in not only music industry news, but also reviews on everything new and influential in music today. A large part of our blog will also focus on showing of the best musicians and venues that Stagehand has to offer. With new accounts being made all over the country, we expect to keep busy for quite a while.

-We have recently revised our business model to create two different kinds of accounts with us. There are now both Basic accounts and Premium accounts.

-The Basic account is free to create, and allows you to search for venues and musicians near home and abroad.

-The Premium account will provide the same features as the Basic account, except it will allow you to be able to contact venues and musicians directly, and view information on them and see upcoming shows. Don’t worry, the Premium account is still a simple and easy one-time payment of $10.

-We made updates to the information that you can add to your profile-go to the View Profile screen after you log in and check it out.

-We made a lot of little updates to the wording of things. Let us know if you see any more, and happy hunting!

If you have any updates that you would like to see made to the website or the blog, let us know in the contact form here.

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